I am looking 4 a buddy with a gaited horse to trail ride with me... presently I'm in Vancouver WA... I'm a 60ish gal that rides @ least 2 to 5 days a week. Presently weather permitting. Easy to hard. Personal motto 4 riding "I want to ride longer ...   more

Please help= looking for info on horse properties in Butte County, Ca. Wanting to relocate from Florida. Hate the heat, humidity and molds, Need to know the BEST areas to consider for purchase of property. Need an area not too remote as I want to ...   more

yonnie or kaya
hi i am a younger rider only 16 me and my mom are trying to find riding friends of any age. we have nice dirt trails and tons of funny stories to share! my moms name is evelyn or raven and im yonnie or kaya we have two american paint horses. my mo...   more

yonnie or kaya
hi i am a younger rider only 16 but i do have alot of exerpience and im looking for a rider of any age to ride with me and my mom we own two horses and love trail riding on old dirt trails. my moms name is evelyn or raven which ever u preferr and ...   more

Look for someone in the columbus area to go riding. Have property in Lumpkin to ride.   more

We are looking for someone to ride with. We do hunter paces in the spring and fall and are looking to bring more people to join us. As far as our riding abilities go the faster the better. Have been told that we ride our horses like dirtbikes. We ...   more

I have two horses,and I'm looking for a riding buddy, I live near trails, so I don't have to trailer them.   more


My wife and me love trail riding and camping. We travel a lot with our horses to TrailTrial competition's and even just for fun to discover new areas and trails. We would love to meet people with the same spirit !   more

55 year old female that loves to ride trails and do horse camping. Interested in trying out all kinds of trails. But most of my friends are not available at the same time I am so looking for more buddies so I can have more trail time. I can ride ...   more

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