American Female 34 Yrs old.Expat living in Cyprus and Turkey. Searching for a riding buddy for trail and beach rides in TRNC.   more

I'm 15 and i'm going to be boarding my horse at seldom seen farms. i have no friends who have horses to ride with i live in daisytown PA but the stable is near waynesburg   more

Just looking for some fellow equestrians to befriend :)   more

Very new to riding. I just got a Tennessee Walking and have an Arabian. My daughter also has a pony, she is to young to start riding though.   more

Im Ashley, just tired of riding by myself.. maybe i could have some one to spend time with..   more

I have been in the saddle all my life. I do english and western. I love to ride trails and go horse camping! I love to ride with others, my horses are very forward. One (TWH) is bombproof and forward, one (arab) is afraid of everything. The Teness...   more

I'm a 28 yr old female who loves horses and trail riding. I have 2 horses, one Appaloosa who is 4 and another Quarter/Arabian paint who is 7. I've been riding for years, however no expert by any means. I don't know too many horse people in the ar...   more


I'm a middle aged woman & I have promised my hubby I won't go out on the trails alone so I don't get out nearly as often as I'd like. My horse has stifle issues so I mostly ride at a walk with bits of trot/canter thrown in. I have a trailer that ...   more

We moved here about 5 years ago and boy is it hard to find some horse friends! I do Parelli Natural Horsemanship with my horses. We have 7 rescue horses. I have a non-horsey husband, so I would love to find some trail riding friends   more

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