I have been riding horses on and off, most of my life. Looking for some one interested in finding a person to ride with on occasion.   more

Would love to do some trail,pleasure riding. Do not own a horse. Love simplicity.   more

I clicked End/Eng/Wes cuz I do a Westlish thing in a treeless saddle. My horse is 5 yrs. old and his temp. is all over the place (I'm a nut,so he bolts!). I wish I had way more time to ride, days, hours and miles. But we all do what we can. ...   more

I have two lovely Morgan mares that my husband and I take out on the trails in our area. Riding isn't my husband's "thing," and I'm not comfortable riding alone, so I'm always interested in finding a riding buddy.   more

I am in my higher teenage years, but am extremely mature and definitely prefer to be riding with a female. My horse is extremely fast but loves other horses and is 8 years old.   more

We have 2 Quarter Horses and I'm looking for an experienced rider to ride one of our horses on trail rides with me. My husband's health prevents him from being my riding companion. I need someone to help exercise the horse he used to ride. Ther...   more

50+ yr old, prior injury prevents me from riding out alone. My horse is green on woods trails - not spooky, just lacking confidence. Located between Concord and Keene. Member of Countryside Trail Riders.   more


Me and my husband r slowing down to just trail riding now days. We use to barrel race for years. It's time to slow down and relax. We love meeting new people who love riding like we do. We do lots of trail riding at Mt Rogers and CC Camp. Wantin...   more

I'm 40, I have always loved horses and to ride horses, I bought one two years ago , but never can find anyone who can take the time off and go trail riding or ride on the beach. I love to go to local play days & participate in non competative gami...   more

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