I am a almost retired lady who would like to ride with a seasoned trail rider. Living in and loving Seymour, TN.   more

I am a 56-yr.old lady with a mare out by Millarville. Looking for some riding buddies in these here foothills and mountains in southern Alberta.   more

I'm 59 years old and love to hit the trails. I've got one mule that's a seasoned trail/pack girl and a big boy that needs "finishing" and wet saddle blankets! I can ride any day. Love dayrides and horse camping. I also have a large standard do...   more

Hello! My name is Bailey and my Geldings name is Tucker. Im 21 years old and Looking for some trail riding buddies! Haven't lived in this town very long and we're very bored of riding around the neighborhood and traffic. Tucker and I miss hitting ...   more

Hello! I'm a 25yo looking for some friends that also have an interest in horses. I've been riding on and off for about 8 years now, I am far from the best rider but you wont lose me along the way! I unfortunately do not have the joy on owning my o...   more

Looking for a buddy to trail ride with. Can ride at any level. I have my own horse, but would prefer to use someone else's (she's extremely difficult to trailer..) or someone who can bring their road-safe horse to Dennison and knows where there's ...   more

American Female 34 Yrs old.Expat living in Cyprus and Turkey. Searching for a riding buddy for trail and beach rides in TRNC.   more

I'm 15 and i'm going to be boarding my horse at seldom seen farms. i have no friends who have horses to ride with i live in daisytown PA but the stable is near waynesburg   more

Just looking for some fellow equestrians to befriend :)   more

Very new to riding. I just got a Tennessee Walking and have an Arabian. My daughter also has a pony, she is to young to start riding though.   more

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