Im Ashley, just tired of riding by myself.. maybe i could have some one to spend time with..   more

I have been in the saddle all my life. I do english and western. I love to ride trails and go horse camping! I love to ride with others, my horses are very forward. One (TWH) is bombproof and forward, one (arab) is afraid of everything. The Teness...   more

I'm a 28 yr old female who loves horses and trail riding. I have 2 horses, one Appaloosa who is 4 and another Quarter/Arabian paint who is 7. I've been riding for years, however no expert by any means. I don't know too many horse people in the ar...   more


I'm a middle aged woman & I have promised my hubby I won't go out on the trails alone so I don't get out nearly as often as I'd like. My horse has stifle issues so I mostly ride at a walk with bits of trot/canter thrown in. I have a trailer that ...   more

We moved here about 5 years ago and boy is it hard to find some horse friends! I do Parelli Natural Horsemanship with my horses. We have 7 rescue horses. I have a non-horsey husband, so I would love to find some trail riding friends   more

Looking for friends who love horses and riding in the Manchester, TN area. I'm 46, married, but husband doesn't like horses, so would like to make friends in this area that are into trail riding. Must love horses, be open minded, easy going, and d...   more

Looking for someone who loves to ride as much as I do. Bring your own horse or ride one of my well trained Quarter Horses.I enjoy traveling to different locations to ride on the weekends.If you are interested send me a message so we can hit the tr...   more

I'm looking for someone to ride with. I'm in Indiana, just got a truck and trailer last fall. My horses are timid being out, I'm assuming, but they come around quickly. They use to be ridden a lot but since I've moved here they haven't been ridde...   more

live in North Carolina   more

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