Looking for someone who loves to ride as much as I do. Bring your own horse or ride one of my well trained Quarter Horses.I enjoy traveling to different locations to ride on the weekends.If you are interested send me a message so we can hit the tr...   more

I'm looking for someone to ride with. I'm in Indiana, just got a truck and trailer last fall. My horses are timid being out, I'm assuming, but they come around quickly. They use to be ridden a lot but since I've moved here they haven't been ridde...   more

live in North Carolina   more


I have been riding horses on and off, most of my life. Looking for some one interested in finding a person to ride with on occasion.   more

Would love to do some trail,pleasure riding. Do not own a horse. Love simplicity.   more

I clicked End/Eng/Wes cuz I do a Westlish thing in a treeless saddle. My horse is 5 yrs. old and his temp. is all over the place (I'm a nut,so he bolts!). I wish I had way more time to ride, days, hours and miles. But we all do what we can. ...   more

I have two lovely Morgan mares that my husband and I take out on the trails in our area. Riding isn't my husband's "thing," and I'm not comfortable riding alone, so I'm always interested in finding a riding buddy.   more

I am in my higher teenage years, but am extremely mature and definitely prefer to be riding with a female. My horse is extremely fast but loves other horses and is 8 years old.   more

We have 2 Quarter Horses and I'm looking for an experienced rider to ride one of our horses on trail rides with me. My husband's health prevents him from being my riding companion. I need someone to help exercise the horse he used to ride. Ther...   more

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