I enjoy riding when the time permits, but have no one to ride with. Can do just about anything on my mare, and willing to do only alittle bit of traveling. But shoot me a message anyways and maybe we can work something out.   more

I am looking for a partner for trail riding. I would do everything possible to be a trusted friend and trail buddy.   more

Looking for riding friend or more. Enjoy camping, riding and just being outdoors. Wanting to relocate to southern Indiana close to Hoosier National Forest.   more

I am looking for people to trail ride with locally. Indiana Dunes and Potato Creek are closest. My guy gets along great with others. Prefer to ride with people and horses with previous experience.   more

I'm looking for a buddy to ride with.   more

looking for riding friends   more

I ride and breed Quarter Horses. I am a retired horse trainer.   more

Wendie J
I have 2 wonderful trail horses and enjoy getting them out on the trails a few times a week. I prefer not to ride in large groups and like to keep my riding on the safe side. I love to Hunter Pace and am very often in the ribbons, but I like a co...   more

I don't have a set schedule to work. It changes month to month. I ride mostly at home an dirt roads surrounding home. Just thought it would be nice to find a riding partner for occasional get togethers. I like to be safe. I am not an dont want any...   more

Howdy folks, Looking for someone that loves riding! I did speed events and team penned for years but have slown down. Do some judged events at local shows and love to trail ride. Happy Trails :)   more

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