I can be a very sasseybrat. I like to have my own way, but I don't mind and sometimes need to be told that it might not be a good idea. I have 3 kids Brandie, Doug and Katy. They have blessed me with 8 beautiful grand children, Paige, Wyatt, Bent...   more

Big, White and Beautiful!   more


hi, my names victoria me and my fiance are not in agreement i love to ride and hes not to into it im looking for either a couple to ride camp and hang out with or im just looking for a friend to ride i have no horses but i have been riding my whol...   more

Just got back into horses 4 years ago. Not retired yet but have a varied schedule where I can ride during the week but don't like to ride alone.   more

Just a mom who likes to ride   more

I am a married lady just looking for other ladies to ride with and hopefully become great friends with.   more

Nothing makes me happier than being on my horse on the trail! I have a 16 yr old Paint mare who loves to get out, she might even enjoy it more than I do. I live in the Longmont/Berthoud area in CO and would love to find someone to ride with. A...   more

I would like someone to trail ride with I am 57 and love to ride.   more

Wishful endurance rider.. Would love to do more, but being a mother and life seems to keep me in check. Love to just get out and ride.   more

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