Looking for a buddy to ride with this spring & summer once school is out (yes, I'm a teacher) and maybe even a few weekends. I have two young daughters that will be in daycare twice a week so I hope to be able to sneak out on the trails, but my ho...   more

Love to ride the trails , use to show and train horses and love the Quarter horses the best!!! But like all breeds! Retired but stay very busy! No slowing down for me!   more

Im 30-something female, lifetime horsewoman, looking for fun people that I don't have to babysit.   more

Vanessa B
Looking for someone to ride with in the tri cities area.   more

Hi everyone! For a school project I have to make a movie trailer, and the book I chose is the Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater. To film this, I need more horses and more riders, preferably male. I need a large chestnut and a smallish palomino t...   more


Vandy McEwen
Howdy I am 50 years old and have been a lover of the horse since I cant remember so a long time, I would love to go riding with some one that knows the basics of horsemanship so I dont have to teach any one so if you know how to saddle and groom ...   more

59 year old widowed,working,horselover. I have 2 40 inch minnies who drive carts, also 12 year old quarter/paint mare, who needs alot of riding, shes had 4 homes in 5 years befor I got her, every owner wanting her to perform all differently, she ...   more

older rider looking for a riding buddy   more

really enjoy trails out doorsie been awhile to9 get out of town so lookin fer others to join in on long trail rides dosent matter who just as long as your not nuts that means ya have ta put a whooppin on yer horse to get his attention cant handle ...   more

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