Local Trails
Lower Trail - Mount Etna
Lower Trail is a 16.5 mile rail trail between Alexandria and Canoe Creek State Park. It's pretty well known but I am trying to encourage riders to use it! The trail is almost level, so a pretty easy ride. The scenery is nice, mostly along the J...   more

Loran/Claiborne Camp
The trails are available for ATV, motorcycle, and horse use. Hiking and biking are also allowed on the trail; however, they are primarily used for motorized and equestrian rider. There are 3 trails that all cross each trail length varies. The Ahtu...   more

Lobdell Reserve (Licking Park District)
Trail Lobdell Reserve - Ohio - Single and mowed double track. With multiple intertwining loops. This trail is used heavily by horses. Call before you haul: Trail Hotline (740)349-4823 3100 Mounts Road, Alexandria, Ohio Lobdell Reserve Trail Map...   more

Little Creek Trail,
Little Creek is a 22.6 mile trail on Camp Livingston in Ball, LA. This is a loop trail, but it also intersects with the Hickman Trail in a "figure 8" configuration. This is primarily a horse and 4 wheeler trail. $5 fee for motorized vehicles. Lo...   more

Lake Selmac
one track up and down, wooded, great views, good work out for horse for short rides. Over 60 retired, intermediate, 10mi or more,gaited horses, trailer, ride anytime camping.   more

Lac Qui Parle State Park
20 miles around Lac Qui Parle Lake   more

Hickman Trail
The Hickman Trail Loop is a moderately difficult trail that traverses through varying trail types but is predominately upland pine hills. Although the Hickman Trail is a loop trail, it can be used with the Catahoula Trail to extend a visitors expe...   more

Gum Springs Horse Trail
Enjoy a horseback ride through the forest on two developed, scenic trails. The trailhead is located approximately 8 miles west of Winnfield in Winn Parish. From the trailhead, one can access two developed trails and miles of open forest. The Blue ...   more

Goodenow Grove Forest Preserve
3.5 mile limestone screened trail in a because forest preserve.   more

Elijah Bristo State Park

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