Local Trails
Blue Mountain park, NY
2000 acres of wooded trails, some flat dirt road available for canter. They are suitable for beginners or experts depending which route is taken.   more

Blue & Gray Park
Blue & Gray has acres of trails (1,733), no motorized vehicles allowed. This park offers a variety of riding, through the meadows, hay fields, or down into the creek crossings and through the woods. Some trails are easy, others are more difficult.   more

Bear Creek Expo Trail
This trail is accessible from behind the Jackson County Expo. Usually there is plenty of ‎parking and check their website to see local events. The Expo horseback riding trail is ‎about three and a half miles one direction. On this sm...   more

Ashtabula Metroparks Greenway Trail
Old Railway trial from Ashtabula to Orwell, all cleared trail, no motor vehicles allowed. http://www.ashtabulacountymetroparks.org/trail.htm   more

Ashtabula Gulf
Lots of trails from home to gulf, water crossing, river riding, beautiful scenery.   more

Alderfer Thee Sisters Open Space
Open Space in Jefferson County, Colorado. Approximately 12 miles of trails. No overnight. 3 miles SW of Evergreen CO   more

Alderfer 3 Sisters Park
Jefferson County Open Space, Evergreen, CO   more

Alderfer 3 Sisters
Moderate trail that horse riders share with hikers and bikers. My experience over the last 20 years is that the bikers have become very considerate of equestrians. However the trail up/over Evergreen Mountain has it challenges with Mtn Bikers to...   more

Agassiz environmental center

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