Golden Girls horseback travel
I want to find people interested in retiring on horseback. 4 H LQ trailer with all the amenities. Travel to where the weather is good and explore and ride all year.   more

Gaited Trail Horse wanted
I'm a 70 yr old experianced horse women, with a few aches and pains due to a liftime of hard work. I'd like to trade my beautiful Blazed face Black registerd TWH gelding for a horse with more of a "locked in" gait. My gelding is very forward movin...   more

experienced riding buddy needed for my extra horse
Just moved to Baytown and need a friend to ride trails with.   more

Eager to Ride
I need someone who has an extra horse (as I do not have my own) who wants a companion to ride trails with.   more

Do you have a horse who needs exercise?
Im new to the area and would love to get back in the saddle again after living in the city for too long! Looking for a horse to ride- english or western. Ive been riding since i was 6. Im now 44. Willing to exchange feedings/barn duty/$.   more

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