How do I create a riding buddy profile?  Once you have created an account and you have verified the account, log in with your username and password.   Just enter the information in the boxes and you're on your way.  The more accurate the information, the easier it is to find a compatible riding buddy.


What is the UTube ID?  You can use UTube to post video of the trail, you and or your horse.  Just copy and paste your video link to the browse box.


Do I have to add a photo?  Photos are not required, but are recommended.  Let's be honest, when you look through a website like this doesn't it make it more interesting to see pictures of riders and their horses.  We recommend that you resize your photo to 750 pixels wide.  If you need help resizing, check out the website at  We've tried to make the process relatively simple.  But if you need help contact us. 


Help me!  If you are having difficulty, please, contact us at the link on the bottom of the page and we'll do our best to get you through it.  In the end, it's worth a little challenge to make new friends.