Can I post more than one trail?  Absolutely, post as many trails as you can.  If we don't use trails, we'll lose trails.  Pavement is closing in on us, horse folks.  Hiking, biking and ATV use is on the rise, in some cases, causing trails to be completely closed to equestrian use.  The more trails posted, the better it is for all of us.  At the very least, we can create community awareness that trail riding is here to stay.


How do I post a horseback riding trail?  If you don't already have an account, please, create one.  Click on the My Profile board.  Then, click on the Create Local Riding Trail map icon.  Enter the name of the trailhead and the best description you can of the location.  We can help you with the "how" but, not the "where".  So, we'd appreciate it if you could give us an accurate description of the trail.  


What do you mean by "Park Brochure"?  This is an optional field which gives you the capability of downloading a park brochure as a PDF file.  If you see a brochure at your riding trail, pick it up and scan it into your computer.  Some park websites have the brochures already saved as a PDF.  If so, save the brochure to your computer, hit Browse next to the Park Brochure box and download it to Find a Riding Buddy.


How do I download a trail map?  Many park websites have trail maps.  Just save the PDF file.  Then, hit the browse button next to the "Trail Map" box and click on the saved file.   If you have a map and a scanner, you can scan the map into your computer and save as a PDF.  Hit the browse button and click on your saved map. 


I'm confused on Trail Difficulty.  What is the scale?  1=Piece of cake, 10=Horsey House of Horrors.


What's with the Latitude, Longitude?  This is an opptional field for GPS coordinates to make it easier for other riders to find the trailhead.


What's a UTM?  UTM stands for Universal Transversal Mercator Grid.  This is an opptional field for GPS coordinates (like a Lat/Long).  Most government agencies use UTM's to describe your position.  We will be glad to help you convert this if you wish.


How do I use the Google map?  Click on the map at the approximate position of the trailhead.  It's best if you zoom in slowly, clicking as you get closer to the spot your looking for.  We will add Google map direction finder very soon.  For now, if you're having trouble with this, send us the GPS coordinates and we'll be glad to put it on the map.


What if you don't have the Zip Code?  Just use the closest city.


I hate downloading photos.  Do I have to?  No.  It's not required.  However, it helps so much to get an idea of the terrain, parking and trail difficulty.  Besides, we want to see your horse.  You can download up to eight photos.  If you reduce the size of the photo to 750 pixels wide, it keeps the pictures uniform.  If you're having trouble resizing check out