About Riding Buddy

Darran and I grew up around horses. As it happens, all too often, life got in the way of our passions. The challenges faced by all who approach adulthood suddenly became more important than keeping our saddles warm. My life took an academic path. I looked for answers in books and philosophy. Darran went on to find his fortune. Neither one of us ever forgot the call of the woods and the sound of thundering hooves.

Once in your blood, the fire that burns for the love of horses never goes out. Emptiness chased us for many years. For me, the realization came clear when a failed marriage forced me to face the fact that without horses I was not whole. Horseback riding was so much a part of my youth that, in some ways, I had become more horse than human. I bought my mare and felt a purpose fulfilled.

Darran and I met a couple of years after I bought Kira. In his generosity, he built a barn, corrals and an arena. We picked out a horse for him and we soon became trail riding buddies. He welcomed my love for horses. Darran's mother loved horses. He had an acute understanding of the soul of the horsewoman. He knew to appreciate the beauty in her, value her strength, not to underestimate her, to never throw a rope around her neck and expect her not to fight back, and most importantly, to draw her to him with respect and decency.

Together, we have covered many miles trail riding. As trail buddies and life companions we have overcome many obstacles in life and on horseback. Darran is a try anything kind of guy. So, we have added horse camping, mounted search and rescue and horseback archery to our list of horse activities. But, our first love will always be trail riding.

Please, be aware, many horseback riding trails are threatened by those with their own agendas. So, we need to keep trail riding alive for future generations so they can learn a deep appreciation for the beauty and serenity offered as gifts freely given by the blessed horse.

HAPPY TRAILS Roberta&Darran