friesian gelding horses for sale

Belliago is a cute Friesian gelding by the stallion YK 339. He is our gentle giant. He is the kind of Friesian that anybody can ride. Hes great riding bareback with just a halter and lead rope without the bit. When family gathering are here Belliago it the hit of the party with the little kids. He rides triple with all those legs dangling and the kids squirming. Belliago is a gem.

friesian gelding horses for sale
friesian gelding horses for sale

Rider: braci45
City: NY
State: New York
Horses Name: Belliago
Breed: Friesian
Horses Age: 8
Registered: Yes
Base Color: Black
Gender: Gelding
Hands High (1 Hand= 4 inches): 15.3 hands
Estimated Weight: 1750
Temperament(1 calm 10 Crazy): 1
Skills or Potential: All -Around
Any Skill
Companion Only
Endurance Riding
English Pleasure
Kid Friendly Family Horse

For Sale: Yes
For Lease: No
Price: $2800

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