yonnie or kaya

hi i am a younger rider only 16 but i do have alot of exerpience and im looking for a rider of any age to ride with me and my mom we own two horses and love trail riding on old dirt trails. my moms name is evelyn or raven which ever u preferr and im yonnie or kaya also which ever you preferr. we are very friendly and always have funny stories to tell :) my mothers horse is trinity shes 7-9 years old and is a beauty! a wonderful splatter of brown and white with crystal blue eyes but a hyper air headed baby personality! i ride a paint crop out mare named lizzy. shes very layed back and a perfect horse for anyone shes done barrel racing with me also pole bending trail riding and some jumping ive had her since shes was two and weve been bonding ever since. i hope to find a friend soon :)i do have a heart condition tht has lead to a medical contiton but i still ride as much as i can i just need friends to encourge me to get out of bed ...


Rider: yonniestretch
City: millville
State: New Jersey
Breed of Horse: american paint
Horse Temperament: 2
Riding Level: 2. Intermediate

Riding Style: Western

Preferred Riding Distance (Miles): 11-15

Preferred Hours in the Saddle: 3-5

Days Available to Ride: 1. Mon
3. Wed
5. Fri
6. Sat
7. Sun

Riding Activities: Gaming Sports

Preferred Speed: 1. Walk
2. Trot
3. Canter

Trailer: Yes
Overnight Camping: No
Smoker: No
Years in the Saddle: Lifer (crusty and bow-legged)

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