yonnie or kaya

hi i am a younger rider only 16 me and my mom are trying to find riding friends of any age. we have nice dirt trails and tons of funny stories to share! my moms name is evelyn or raven and im yonnie or kaya we have two american paint horses. my moms horse is trinity a brown and white beauty with blue eyes. i have a brown and white crop out mare named lizzy. lizzy is layed back and a very nice ride while trinity is very hyper air headed childish and acts like a baby (new to everything even though shes 9). i do have a heat condition that has lead to a medical contdiotn so im always trying to find way to get out the house and ride i do get light headed or faint but my mom has been dealing with this for a year now so she knows what to do ^_^ other then tht im a very happy person and very easy to get along with


Rider: yonniestretch
City: millville
State: New Jersey
Breed of Horse: american pait
Horse Temperament: 2
Riding Level: 2. Intermediate

Riding Style: Western

Preferred Riding Distance (Miles): 11-15

Preferred Hours in the Saddle: 3-5

Days Available to Ride: 1. Mon
3. Wed
5. Fri
6. Sat
7. Sun

Riding Activities: Endurance
Gaming Sports
Team Penning

Preferred Speed: 1. Walk
2. Trot
3. Canter

Trailer: Yes
Overnight Camping: No
Smoker: No
Years in the Saddle: Lifer (crusty and bow-legged)

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