I have two horses,and I'm looking for a riding buddy, I live near trails, so I don't have to trailer them.


Rider: Wilson
City: Chuluota
State: Florida
Breed of Horse: American Paint
Horse Temperament: 3
Riding Level: 3. Advanced

Riding Style: Western

Preferred Riding Distance (Miles): 11-15

Preferred Hours in the Saddle: 3-5

Days Available to Ride: 6. Sat
7. Sun

Riding Activities: Endurance

Preferred Speed: 1. Walk
2. Trot
3. Canter
5 Gaited

Trailer: No

I don't have a trailer but I'm willing to pay for gas: Yes

Overnight Camping: Yes

Smoker: No

Years in the Saddle: Lifer (crusty and bow-legged)

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