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I have brand new western barrel design saddle, 15 seat (looks bigger). Its gorgeous, tooled, rounded back. Its 25 inches long from tip to toe and too long for my Arabian, I need the same style total length 22 inches with 14 seat. Needs to fit 1000 Arab with high withers and wide shoulders, so gullet has be to be min 8" inside. I live in Central Point, OR. Not interested in shipping.


Rider: Iluvarabs
City: Central Point
State: Oregon
Saddle Style: Western

Saddle Size: 14
Saddle Brand: barrell
Saddle Color: natural or black
Saddle Seat Color: doesn't matter
Saddle Harware: Silver
Stainless Steel

Saddle Rigging: Western

Saddle Condition (1-10): new or barely used
Estimated Saddle Weight: 20lbs
Saddle Price: 300.00 or trade
Phone: 541-621-2953 text

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