(Posted 6/12/19)I have some beautiful sandy roads, trails and canal near me I often trailer to for riding. The location is Causey Rd, Nichols SC. If anyone is interested in joining me, I'd be happy to show you my little piece of heaven. I am an experienced rider that walks but does a fair amount of trot and canter. So if you like to primarily walk, I'm probably not a good riding partner for you. I have a Percheron, Percheron/Morgan and Quarter Horse. You'll have to have your own transport to meet at the location. My schedule is totally open, weather permitting. Just let me know if you'd like to come out for a ride.


Trail Name: Suzten
Trail City: Nichols
Trail State: South Carolina
Estimated Trail Length:
Estimated Trail Difficulty: 1
Is camping available at this trail head?: No
Is water available at the trail head?: No
Is water available on the trail: Yes
Are corrals available at this trail head?: No
Are there toilets at this trail head: No
Google Map:
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