Exceptional trail horse 3 yr old Tennessee Walker gelding-Palomino

Meet Manna, he is a wonderful, smart trail horse. Manna has a nice smooth gait and will lead or follow. He also goes out great alone. He is right at 15 hands. Beautiful golden palomino with a very nice personality and good manners. Manna goes through creeks and rivers w no issues and has been ridden at various horse camps. He trailers great, gets along fine with other horses, bathes nicely, and stands stock still while being mounted. He has many, many years ahead of him and at 3 will get nothing but better! Rode him into town recently and he was tremendous! Up to date on all shots and currently shod. Please call after 4:30 weekdays 419-204-2364


Rider: RebeccaBowsher
State: Ohio
Horses Name: Manna
Breed: Tennessee Walker
Horses Age: 3 yrs 6 mo.
Registered: No
Base Color: Palomino
Gender: Gelding
Hands High (1 Hand= 4 inches): 14.4
Estimated Weight: 850
Temperament(1 calm 10 Crazy): 3
Skills or Potential: Trail Riding

For Sale: Yes
For Lease: No
Price: $3,200.00

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