Im a trail rider looking for new people to ride with. I dont own a trailer, but Id be more than willing to pay for gas if someone wanted to drive. I also am happy to ride on someone elses horse if theyve got an extra they want to use. Ive never done endurance before but Id love to learn.


Rider: momodeeboo
City: Olympia
State: Washington
Breed of Horse: Azteca
Horse Temperament: 5
Riding Level: 2. Intermediate

Riding Style: Western

Preferred Riding Distance (Miles): 11-15

Preferred Hours in the Saddle: 3-5

Days Available to Ride: 4. Thur
5. Fri
6. Sat

Riding Activities: Dressage

Preferred Speed: 1. Walk
2. Trot
3. Canter

Trailer: No
I don't have a trailer but I'm willing to pay for gas: Yes
Overnight Camping: Yes
Smoker: No
Years in the Saddle: Lifer (crusty and bow-legged)

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